Fawn: Averi Turns 1!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Averi Turns 1!

Our little Averi, turning1 and already packed and ready to see the world.  She brings us constant joy by showing us all the corners of her little world in a different way, every day.  She brings us to distant worlds through her toys and books.  She takes us back in time by helping us remember our own childhoods.  She keeps us in the moment by melting the outside world away with a smile or a giggle.  And she brings us into the future when we get a flash of how she will look or act when she is older.  She is our tiny little guide through life  and we are happy to be along for the ride. 

Happy Birthday to you, our little love!

As if turning 1 year old wasn't exciting enough, Miss Averi is now a published artist! The winter 2012 issue of Create With Me  features a 1st Birthday party hat Averi and I created together. We're so excited about our article and project, we just had to share! 

Averi  is focused and working hard on her party hat. She takes finger painting quite seriously, as you can see.

Here's her 1st Birthday party hat! Now, if only she'd keep it on her cute little head.  

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl! 
We love you!

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