Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Cat Birthday Party Ideas with Cricut

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Meet Tootsie. 
We adopted this snuggly ball of fluff from the shelter last year and are crazy in love with our sweet girl. We can't imagine life without this cutie.  Her 1st birthday is here and we can't wait to celebrate our favorite kitty on the planet! From kitty party hats to kitty toys, this party is purrfect for your favorite feline companion. Check out below how to create a birthday party for your little snuggle puff with lots of help from Cricut!

                                           What you'll need:

Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheet Patterns, Rainbow Triangles

Everyday Iron -on

Cricut Joy™ Insert Cards, Princess Sampler

Cricut Joy™

Cricut Maker® Machine

Cricut EasyPress™ 2, Raspberry - 9" x 9"

Cricut Joy™ Smart Paper™ Sticker Cardstock, Pastels


EasyPress Mat

Cricut Access

Set the tone for the party by creating the purr-fect invitations.  My 10 year old was in charge of the invites and had a blast creating them using the Cricut Joy™.  She was able to find the perfect kitty party images on Cricut Access and cranked them out in no time. She used Cricut Joy™ Insert Cards, Princess Sampler to make the cards and we loved how they turned out! 

Kitty Totes
Create an adorable kitty tote for the guests by using Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheet Patterns, Rainbow Triangles and Everyday Iron -on

 To make this tote, open up the Kitty Tote Image in Cricut Access. You'll need to cut the background image using Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheet Patterns, Rainbow Triangles and the cat image will need to be cut out using Everyday Iron -on

Follow the prompts by choosing the material you'll be cutting and press the flashing button on your Cricut Maker to continue with the cuts. 

Once your Infusible Ink and Everyday Iron-on has been cut, you'll want to begin the transfer of the images. If you haven't had the chance to use Infusible Ink yet, check out this great tutorial to get started! How To Use Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets.

Once the Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheet  has been applied to the tote, you are going to place the Everyday Iron -on kitty image on top of the Infusible Ink image. 

Place your Cricut EasyPress on top of the tote and set it for 305 degrees for 30 seconds. 

Remove the film from the image and this darling kitty tote is ready to go! Party guests will love these fun and colorful totes to use long after the party is over. 

Kitty Toys
Tootsie LOVES to play with toys, especially ones filled with cat nip! Follow along below to create this merkitty cat toy!

Open Cricut Access and the Kitty Toy Image. I used canvas as the material for the cat toy since our kitty is rough on her toys and I wanted it to last for a bit! 

Cut out two ovals using canvas material and the kitty image using Everyday Iron-on.  Also, not pictured is a third oval just a little bit smaller so be sure to add one more slightly smaller oval to your project. The third oval will be cut out using Infusible Ink. 

Once your materials are cut out, follow the steps in the Kitty Tote tutorial above to add the images onto the oval piece of fabric. 

Once you have the images onto the ovals, place fabric right sides together and add a ribbon to the inside of the oval circles. 

Sew around the oval making sure to leave a small opening to add the stuffing. 

Flip the oval right side out and in the small hole, add stuffing and a little bit of cat nip. 

Sew up the small hole using a needle and thread and this merkitty cat toy is ready to play! 

Tootsie loved her new merkitty toy and as you can see, got right to work playing with it! 

It's not a party unless party hats are involved! These fun hats are so fun and simple to make using your Cricut Maker. Be sure to cut a few extra kitty, mouse or fish images to create cake toppers too! 

Open the Kitty Party Hats Image in Cricut Access and follow the prompts to cut the images. Use Cardstock to create the hats and your choice of adhesive to glue on the kitty images. 

Kitty take home favors are quick and easy to make using your Cricut Joy™. This is another project my daughter was excited to create and give to the guests.  She loved making the stickers using Cricut Joy™ Smart Paper™ Sticker Cardstock and watching the Cricut Joy work its magic by drawing the cute kitty cupcake and paws onto the sticker cardstock. 

Create these kitty cupcake goodie bags by opening up the Kitty Treat Bag Image in Cricut Access and following the prompts. Fill the treat bag with goodies and stick the cupcake stickers to seal the bags closed. Embellish the sticker paws onto the bags and these cuties are all set to hand out to your guests.

Now it's time to party! Tootsie loved chowing down on her favorite food, playing with her toys and snuggling with party guests. We adore this baby girl of ours and are so happy to celebrate this little ray of sunshine's first year with us. 

(Tootsie singing "Happy Birthday To Me" and nibbling on her fish cake.) 

Thank you so much for stopping by and celebrating Tootsie's 1st birthday with us!

Monday, February 1, 2021

Valentine Petit Fours

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Eggland's Best. This post contains affiliate links. 

Petit Fours are the perfect dessert for a Valentine's Day tea party, wouldn't you agree? Such a dainty, sweet little treat that everyone loves. My daughter and I had so much fun baking these together using Eggland's Best eggs. I love that compared to ordinary eggs, Eggland's Best Eggs have 6x more vitamin D, 25% less saturated fat, more than double the Omega-3s & vitamin B12 and 10x more vitamin E. Use these delicious eggs in all your baking recipes, you'll love them! What fun Valentine's Day treats are whipping up this year?

Head over to Eggland's Best and get the recipe for Valentine Petit Fours HERE!

Grab a set of darling Conversation Heart Plates to use for your Valentine Tea Party! 


Valentine's Day Neighbor Gift Idea with Cricut

  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut for Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine. This post contains affiliate links. 

Neighbor Valentine Gift Idea

Create the perfect door drop neighbor gift this Valentine's Day with your Cricut Maker. This is a quick and simple gift idea that only takes a few minutes to make. Make several of these festive Valentine door hangers to surprise your entire neighborhood this Valentine's Day. Follow the easy tutorial below to create these adorable Valentine's Day neighbor gifts! 

                                                          What you'll need:

Your choice of pattern paper

Let's Get Started!

Open up the door hang image in Cricut Design Space and follow the prompts. I used a sheet of pattern paper to create the door hang and solid colors of cardstock to make the hearts. 

Once your paper is loaded, set your material to "Heavy Cardstock" and press go! 

Once your pieces are all cut out, it's time to assemble. Fold along the score lines of the door hang and glue together to secure. Next, layer the cardstock hearts in contrasting colors and glue them onto the door hangers. 

Add a cute little embellishment or two to the door hang/ 

Wrap up some sweet treats in a mini cellophane bag and tie with ribbon. Nothing screams Valentine's Day like sugar dusted cinnamon hearts! 

Tuck the treats into the door hangers and these little cuties are ready to go! 

Secretly place them on your neighbor's doorknobs, ring the doorbell and run! Your neighbors will love these sweet surprises from the neighborhood cupid. 💓

These also make thoughtful gifts for teachers as well. Tuck in a gift card and a few of their favorite goodies this Valentine's Day to show them how much you appreciate all they do. 

These are so cute that I think I'll make one for my daughter and place it on her bedroom door for a fun surprise on Valentine's morning. 

However you decided to give these cuties away, know they'll be loved and appreciated this Valentine's Day by neighbors, friends, teachers, coworkers and your kids.  They only take a few minutes to put together so plan on creating a whole lot  of Valentine's Day joy for everyone! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!