Fawn: Squishmallow Party with Jazwares


Friday, November 6, 2020

Squishmallow Party with Jazwares

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jazwares. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have a Squishmallow obsessed child ( or if YOU are!) then this wonderfully squishy, squeezable, cuddly birthday party is just for you! 

The invitation to the party sets the tone for the event so the little guests knew there would be lots of pink and lots of soft, squishy Squishmallows

I created the backdrop by attaching pink, brown and ivory ballons together to create a garland. A glittery gold pennant banner was draped across the balloon garland to give it a little sparkle and shine.  

We fell in love with Flip-A-Mallows, the two-in-one Squishmallows and used them as part of the party decor. Wait until the end of the post to see what Hans the hedgehog and Dawn the fawn flip into! 

Goodies bags were filled to the brim with the cutest Squishmallow pens, stickers and treats for all the little Squishmallow fans. I created a few festive party hats out of paper for the little guests and Squishmallows to wear during the party. A party isn't complete without a party hat! 

Cake is a must at any party and Hans the hedgehog is certainly eyeing all those yummy sprinkles! 

I added a few simple paper hearts to glass milk bottles to dress them up a bit. The little ones loved dining on scrumptious cake and sipping ice cold milk. I think one tiny guest even offered a bite to Dawn the fawn! 

Towards the end of the party, we surprised the guests by flipping Hans the hedgehog into Sharie the sloth and flipping Dawn the fawn into Winston the owl. How adorable are they?! The kids LOVED playing and snuggling with these fun two-in-one cuties. 

The party wrapped up after lots of Squishmallow play and games. The little Squishmallow fans enjoyed every second with their new, loveable, super soft Squishmallows bffs!

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