Fawn: December 2013


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gift Wrapping Ideas

 Christmas is less than a week away and I'd like to show you a couple ideas to wrap up those holiday gifts. 

I started with basic kraft paper from the dollar store and wrapped up my gifts. I brushed a few light strokes of cream paint across the paper and let dry.  Using spray adhesive, I sprayed the wrapped gift and sprinkled white mica across it.  I then wrapped bakers twine around the gift several times and secured a knot in the back of the gift. I stamped 25 on a little doily and tucked it underneath the bakers twine.  

Using a small piece of bakers twine, I wrapped it around the base of the bottle brush tree and secured it to the gift.  Finally, I simply tucked a vintage Christmas photo underneath the bakers twine. 

  For this next gift, I used the toothbrush paint technique and splattered a bit of cream paint over the entire package.  I wrapped  ribbon around the package and tucked  floppy blossom ribbon underneath the cream ribbon. I then placed a photo from the adopted ancestors paper to a resin frame and tied both frames to the center of the package.  This wrapping won first place in the Stampington Creative Christmas Packaging Instagram Challenge!  Woohoo!

 Embellish the gift by tying a pink bottle brush tree to the center, tucking a resin angel wing behind the ribbon and gluing a few silver sequins to the package.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas Table Top Decoration

 Up until Christmas, the Melissa Frances blog is showcasing some beautiful projects from the design team members. 

My project  is up on the blog today and I thought I'd  share it with you here as well.
 As much as I love the traditional reds and greens of Christmas, it's always fun to mix it up a bit. I love that this project kind of has that "Sugar Plum Fairy" feel to it. Melissa Frances embellishments make it so easy to create something lovely for the holidays. 

Supply List: 
Pink Bottle Brush Trees
Pink Mica Flakes
Pink Floppy Blossom Ribbon 
Pleated Satin Cream Ribbon
Fancy Filigree Brooch,
Cream Organza Ribbon 

Non-Melissa Frances supplies- mini plastic deer, silver glitter, candle stick, mini round paper mache box
1. Spray top of mini round paper mache box with adhesive and sprinkle pink mica to the lid of the box. 
2. Spray plastic deer with spray adhesive and sprinkle silver glitter on it until covered completely.
3.Attach three pink bottle brush trees and silver deer to top of box using glue.
4. Attach cream organza ribbon around top of the box using glue. Add pleated satin cream ribbon on top of the organza ribbon.
5. Print out the sentiment "Merry Christmas", cut out and attach to top of box. 
6. Using glue, attach the finished box to the candle stick and let dry.
7. Tie floppy blossom ribbon around the middle of the candle stick. Attach brooch to ribbon.