Fawn: November 2010


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Fairy in a Jar

A simple tutorial on how to catch a fairy in a jar. :)
Pattern paper - I used Melissa France's "Decoration" paper
Mason Jar
Round Paper Mache Box
Fairy Image
Christmas Sprigs
Chipboard Letters
Cover a paper mache box with pattern paper and ink around the edges to give it that vintage look.
Place the fairy inside the lid of the mason jar. I used Zip Dry to keep her in place and it worked just dandy. I then sprinkled a little glitter snow inside the lid.

 Add a little sprig inside the jar behind the fairy. Screw the lid back on the mason jar and adhere the jar to the top of the box. I used a glue gun to adhere the jar to the box.  This little fairy doesn't seem too excited about being stuffed in a jar. Too bad, I think she looks cute.
Tie ribbon around the base of the jar and glue the chipboard letters to the front of the jar. I glued a little mirror  heart from Heidi Swapp to the front of the bow. 
Top the jar with sprigs, an ornament and any other embellishments you choose. I also tucked in a vintage inspired postcard from Melissa Frances.
Annnnnnnnnnd  you're finished!