Fawn: October 2011


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Witchy Women

Hallow's Eve is less than two weeks away! Are your pumpkins carved? Have you figured out what your costume will be for Halloween? 

Here are a couple Halloween decor ideas for you. 
Caged Witches...YIKES!

I decorated mini bird cages by placing pictures of  lovely witches inside and embellishing the outside. You can find the witches at Lisa's Altered Art.   I used vintage inspired bingo cards from Melissa Frances and glued the cages down onto them. I then placed a piece of pattern paper  inside and adhered the witch to it using Zip Dry.  Decorate the outside of the cage using feathers, mini pumpkins that have been sprinkled  with glass glitter and a banner with the words "Witch Hazel" and "Bad Witch" ( or whatever you'd like your banner to say). Cut out the banners and line the edges with glue and sprinkle with glass glitter. Then place a pretty little cameo along side the mini pumpkin.