Monday, August 10, 2015

Mermaid Gift Bags


If you are throwing a mermaid themed party or you have friends that are mermaid lovers, I have a fun project for you.  These bags would be prefect filled with bath salts or other pampering bath items. 

Using a plain white kraft bag as your base, spray a coat of spray adhesive across the bottom half of the bag. Add a little dark blue glitter, light blue glitter and green glitter across the bottom half and shake off the excess glitter. 
Punch a hole in the top corner of the bag and thread through solid teal Divine Twine and silver metallic Divine Twine. Attach vintage mermaid images to the twine and tie in a bow. 

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Supplies used:
blue and green glitter
vintage mermaid images
basket shred

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pony Party

My sister's little girl turned 2 in March but her birthday fell on the same few days they were moving to Qatar so they weren't able to do much to celebrate. Since they were coming to stay for the summer, I thought it would be fun to have a big party to celebrate Solvi turning 2!  And what better way to celebrate than with ponies. What little girl doesn't love ponies? 

Tassel garland from Studio Mucci

These pony favors were so simple to make and the kids adored them. I spray painted lids from mini mason jars as well as plastic ponies then attached the ponies to the top of the jars using super glue. I loved how they turned out and the kids especially loved the taffy inside.

Each little buckaroo got to take home a pony coloring book...

...and of course crayons to go with the book. 

Metallic gold mini bags from Whisker Graphics

The little ranch hands ate sack lunches filled with cowboy grub out on the lawn. It was a good thing they fueled up because we had a lot of fun games planned!

The kids had a blast playing the pool noodle and balloon game and pin the tail on the donkey but the favorite game they played was panning for gold in the sandbox. The kids each panned for gold nuggets (spray painted rocks) using pie tins with holes punched through them.  Once they found 5 gold pieces, they headed over to the corral to trade them in at the trading post for their very own pony.

The cake I made had layers of pink, cream and purple with lavender frosting. And of course, it had to be topped with a golden pony.  :-)

We all had such a fun time and I was so happy we were able to celebrate with little Solvi!

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Retro Kitchen Gift Bags with Whisker Graphics

Today I wanted to share retro inspired gift bags using products from Whisker Graphics. One of my favorite items Whisker Graphics has are the glassine bags because they are so versatile. For this project, I tucked  kraft polka dot middy bags inside the glassine bags so the polka dots peeked through a bit. 

I placed a little bitty kraft bag on top of the glassine bag and attached a retro inspired label to it. I then embellished with buttons, doilies and divine twine.

These gift bags would be a fun presentation for the baker in your life. :)

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Melissa Frances Groovy Diner Labels
basket shred

Friday, June 26, 2015

Reading Nook Decor with The Wood Connection

  It's always such a blast to be a guest blogger for The Wood Connection and I'm so excited to share with you a project I made for my little girl's room. 

I wanted to create a cozy reading nook for my daughter to encourage her budding reading skills. There was some unused space under her bunk bed that was just begging to be turned into a reading area. We put in huge pillows, shelving, fairy lights and a canopy around it so she could have her very own little space to relax and read. 

The nook just needed a few final touches and that's where these fun bookends, banner and wall hang came in. They were the perfect addition to the reading nook. 

Directions for the bookends:
Spray paint candle cups and wood letters gold and allow to dry. Paint both blocks using sea foam acrylic paint and allow to dry as well. 

When all pieces are dry, attach the letters to the blocks using wood glue and attach the candle cups to the bottom of the blocks using wood glue as well. Let dry. 

And that's it for the bookends! Pretty simple, right?

Directions for the banner:
Paint all pieces of banner wood with coral acrylic paint and let dry. Cut out pattern paper to fit the banner pieces and adhere to each piece. String baker's twine though the holes in the banner.

I painted and lightly distressed the box sign to hang on the wall of the reading space. I had a sweet little card that my daughter received for her 1st birthday and I thought it would look darling inside the box sign.

So there you have it! Three extremely quick and easy projects to add a little sweetness to any space. 
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Supplies used:

Modern Alphabet wood letters
4x6 Photo Block
Candle Cup
Banner Shape Flag
Banner Shape Triangle
Box Sign
Wood Glue
Foam brush
Sea foam blue and coral acrylic paint - available at The Wood Connection
Gold spray paint

Thursday, June 4, 2015

4th of July Tassel Garland


Today I'd love to show you a fun project using Whisker Graphics Middy Bags in a unique way. Middy bags are awesome used as gift bags but they're also so versatile that they can be used to make other awesome crafts as well. Tassels make for great decorations and backdrops so why not add a little red, white and blue festiveness to your backyard BBQ this year.  

Directions: The bottom of the bag will be the top of the garland, so flip it upside down and
cut several thin vertical strips (about 1/2 inch) on the bag leaving about an inch of uncut bag at the top.

After the cutting is finished, accordion fold the bag and punch a hole through the top of the bags. Thread Cherry Divine Twine through the holes. Using adhesive, attach silver glitter stars between the tassels. 

Super quick and easy, right?! 

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Supplies used:
Cherry Divine Twine
Middy Bags in Red, Blue and Gray
silver glitter stars

Monday, May 11, 2015

End of School Year Gift Bags

I can't believe summer is almost here!  What an amazing school year it's been for our 4 year old.  She has absolutely loved school and adores her teachers. I wanted her to be included in the gift we'll be giving her teachers so I asked if she'd like to decorate the gift bags for them. She can never say no to painting! :)

White Kraft Bags from Whisker Graphics are the perfect canvas to let your little one's imagination run wild.  Our daughter is in love with polka dots and stripes and draws them on everything she can get her hands on.  It was only fitting that polka dots and stripes adorned the gift bags as well. 

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Supplies used:
White Kraft Bags- Whisker Graphics
Paint- Sea foam, Gold and Coral
Basket shred

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Wrapping Idea

With Mother's Day being right around the corner, I thought  I'd share a couple quick and simple gift wrapping ideas. 

I just love the simplicity of a basic brown and white paper bag and these kraft bags from Whisker Graphics are the perfect blank canvas to dress up. 

For these gift bags, I simply wrapped crocheted lace around the bag and attached vintage ephemera using Natural Solid Divine Twine,  So quick, easy and perfectly feminine for Mother's Day. 

Supplies used:
Natural Solid Divine Twine
Brown and White Plain Kraft Bags
Crotchet lace, vintage ephemera- Melissa Frances