Fawn: Party Hat


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Party Hat

Cone hats are fairly easy to create so why not make one (or several!) for every occasion? 
They're sure to be the hit of the party!

Supplies used-
all from Melissa Frances
banner die cut -Pink Paislee
white dove, silver pipe cleaners- Michaels
Adhesive- Zip Dry

1.Trace, cut out, and roll a cone from polka dot paper; secure the edges with glue and let dry.
2. Adhere blue tissue garland along the bottom edge of the cone and attach a pouf of tissue garland to the top of the hat.
3. Accordion fold a strip of paper, ink the edges, pinch it into a fan, and mount it on the bottom right side of the hat.
4.Affix a sentiment sticker on top of the accordion-folded fan then glue a brooch and white dove above the sentiment sticker. 
5. Mount a banner die cut diagonally across the hat and add peals between each pennant.
6. Twist three short pieces of silver pipe cleaner and insert them into the top of the hat. 


  1. Gorgeous party hats! What a fun idea! Love how the tissue garland looks on the brim! Adorable!