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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Kids Camps with Oriental Trading Company

The long days of summer have begun and the kids are already chanting "I'm bored!".  Sound familiar? Fear not, parents because  Oriental Trading Company has got you covered! With so many fun activities that focus on creativity and getting your kids outside, you're bound to cure those summertime boredom blues.

This summer, I recruited several other parents and together, we created our own summer kids camp. Camp Runamuck was born! Our plan was for each parent to host one day at her or his house and then we'd rotate throughout the week. Our little summer camps have become the highlight of the week for our kids (and parents!) and they look forward to the fun themes we have planned for that week.

For my first week of Camp Runamuck, I chose to focus on nature. Each child received a camp adventure backpack to take on our nature walk. They're the perfect size for the kids to carry their water, snacks and treasures they found along the way on our trek.

The campers took along a notebook  and colored pencils to draw interesting plants, birds and insects they found on our walk.

 I remember how much I LOVED doing nature prints as a kid and I was thrilled to see Oriental Trading carried them. I couldn't wait to share with the little campers how cool making sun prints were. They gathered leaves, rocks and wildflowers to place on the paper and were amazed with how they turned out. They were a HUGE hit with the kids!

What's a nature walk without a little bug catching (catch and release, of course!). The campers loved making and decorating their own bug catchers and searching for bugs to study.

We finished up our camp by making these adorable handprint craft kits to commemorate our fun nature day at Camp Runamuck.

For hundreds of ideas to make your own summer camp amazing, check out all the Summer Camp Craft Ideas  from Oriental Trading Company!

Have a creative summer!

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