Fawn: Queen of the Sea


Friday, July 6, 2012

Queen of the Sea

Here's another thrift store find to share with you today. I found this.... jewelry box? 70's ashtray? I don't know what it was but I thought it was pretty cool. I also wanted to showcase another fun way to use the beautiful brooches from Melissa Frances.

 Paint the shell silver and let it dry. Print out the words "Queen of the Sea" using  the Circus font and cut it out banner style. Print out a vintage pin-up girl image and cut her out. I free handed her mermaid tail, (but you can just google mermaid tail images and find one) glued it to her and covered it in glass glitter from Melissa Frances. 
Glue the mermaid inside the shell, adhered the banner to the front of her and let dry.

Now all you need to do is fill the shell with seashells,  brooches, and sparkly sprigs. 

She's quite charming, if I do say so myself!
Have a great weekend!

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