Fawn: Ice Cream Party Invitations and Centerpiece


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ice Cream Party Invitations and Centerpiece

It's so much fun to guest post for The Wood Connection because there is ALWAYS something adorable to make.
 We have an ice cream party coming up at our place and I wanted to do something fun and unique for the invitations.  Who says party invitations have to be made out of paper?  Today I'll show you a super cute and simple way to make these little ice cream invites as well as a fun centerpiece for the party.

Let's get started!

Supplies used:
pattern paper
foam brushes
Acrylic paint by Delta in Trail Tan, Hydrangea Pink and Light Ivory.
 All supplies can be found at The Wood Connection

Using a ruler, mark off three sections with pencil on the creamsicle.

Paint the bottom half pink and allow to dry.

Paint the middle section light ivory and allow to dry as well. 

Paint the top tan and allow to dry. I didn't paint the stick on the creamsicle because I liked how it actually looked like a popsicle stick.

 And there you have it!
 A cute and unique way to invite friends to your ice cream party.  For the printable, I used Canva to design it. I simply picked out a design I liked and added my own text. It's REALLY easy, believe me! 

Darling tissue confetti from - Eve's Party Market

Directions for the box sign centerpiece:

Paint the entire box sign light ivory and after it dries, sand just a little around the edges to give it a bit of a shabby look. 

Next, cut out your pattern paper to fit inside the box sign and attach it inside using wood glue.

Place one of the painted creamsicles inside the box sign using wood glue.

And you're finished!
 Pretty sweet and simple, but lots of fun! 

I don't know about you, but this little invite is making me hungry for the real thing! Hope it does the same for my guests too! ;-)

Thank you so much to The Wood Connection for having me, it's a pleasure as always!

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