Fawn: Dylbug Easter Brunch


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dylbug Easter Brunch

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to team up with Leslie Mingo, founder of Dylbug. Her line of adorable personalized plates, placemats, cutters and bowls will get your kids excited to eat all those yummy fruits and veggies.  
Easter is right around the corner and these sweet limited edition bunny plates could not be more perfect for your children's baskets.  
Our Easter brunch for littles was so much fun. I loved seeing each child's creativity flow and I really enjoyed watching them eat so many veggies. 
Snap peas were used for flower stems, spinach leaves for dresses and shredded broccoli for grass. They gobbled it all up and asked for more!  

I'm all for making mealtime fun and with these adorable dress up plates, your child's imagination and creativity will be ignited. Aren't those strawberry butterflies fun? And how dapper does Mr. Bunny look in his blueberry bowtie?!

Leslie found these cute trays at Michaels. They're paint trays but they work perfectly for keeping all your food organized. Genius! 

One of my favorite products that Dylbug offers are these dry erase placemats. The kids loved coloring and drawing on their little bunnies with markers. There is also a place where kids can practice their ABCs and 123s! Here is the front of the placemat, how sweet is that little bunny's face?

These sweet cutters are way too fun. They come in a heart dress pattern and star pants. Kids have a blast cutting out cute clothes to dress their bunnies. Who wouldn't want to eat a PB&J shaped like a dress? 

My daughter loved creating raspberries bows, strawberry and almond flowers and blueberry buttons on her bunny. I don't think we've ever had so much fun at mealtime! 

Be sure to check out all the fun products Dylbug offers to make mealtime awesome! You and your kids will have a wonderful time creating and dining together. 

Dylbug products are:
Crafted of melamine
Not for microwave use
Made in the USA

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  1. This is totally adorable, my daughter would love this so much. I love creative food!