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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Little Pony Spa Party

This review is based on my opinion. I was provided the sample free of charge by TownleyGirl and Oriental Trading.  All ideas and opinions are my own
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My Little Pony Birthday Party

When your 5 year old niece asks for a My Little Pony Spa Party, you better believe it's going to happen! She wanted to invite her little friends over for manicures, pedicures and lots of  My Little Pony crafts and games!

My Little Pony Party Supplies from Oriental Trading decorated the table beautifully with colorful pony confetti sprinkled all around the My Little Pony plates and cups.  The little girls were thrilled to walk into Ponyville and see all of  their favorite pony characters adorning the walls and draped across the windows.

My Little Pony bubble wands were handed out as each little guests arrived. They picked their favorite pony character and had a blast blowing bubbles until all the friends had arrived to the party. You can also get these fun bubble wands from TownleyGirl in Emoji version HERE!

How fun are these adorable bubble wands? From Rainbow Dash to Fluttershy, the kids are bound to find a favorite! The girls were having a ball trading bubbles with each other and enjoying the watermelon, strawberry, bubblegum, blueberry and grape scents. Bubbles are twice as fun when they have a yummy scent, right? Shop TownleyGirl My Little Pony!

Friendship is magic in the land of Ponyville and the birthday guests each made their own friendship bracelets using the PONY BEAD BRACELET KIT.

The colorful beads kept the kids engaged and we loved seeing all the different color combinations they came up with for their bracelets.

Download this darling Friendship Bracelet printable HERE and set up a fun station where the kids can make their own colorful bracelets.

 Did you know you can buy blank My Little Ponies?  They're completely ready for the little ones to design and decorate their dream pony! You can find the ponies HERE.

Download the Paint a Pony printable HERE!

 The kids can use WASHABLE MARKERS to decorate their ponies with and then easily wash the markers off and start all over again.

PASTEL SELF- ADHESIVE JEWEL ASSORTMENT added colorful sparkle to the ponies. Shimmering stars and hearts could not be more perfect for the kids to create their own cutie marks for their ponies.

 Painting ponies can be a lot of work so it was time for a snack break!
 BABY GABEY COOKIES has done it again with her adorable pony cookies. The kids loved nibbling on these cute and colorful treats.  How sweet are those edible butterflies?

Now it was time for the girls to do a little pampering with TownleyGirl! With all the My Little Pony nail polish, lip balm and sparkles, the girls were in pony heaven! 

The girls had a blast painting their "pony hooves" all different colors and patterns. 

Download the Hoof Painting printable HERE!

 The girls were thrilled to use the MY LITTLE PONY FUN NAIL KIT WITH NAIL DRYER and the best part about the nail polish is that it's non-toxic, water based, peelable AND bubble gum scented!

The little ladies loved painting their nails and using the My Little Pony Nail Dryer. The girls were having so much fun that the moms wanted to get in on all the action! The girls loved painting their mom's nails and us moms loved being pampered!

MY LITTLE PONY MY BEAUTY SPA KIT has got it all! Pedicures were all the rage with the little guests. With toe separators, files, fabulous polishes and even spa sandals, the girls immediately sprung into action and got those little toes looking fabulous.

MY LITTLE PONY MEGA COSMETIC SET is every girl's dream! It comes with everything from a lip gloss watch to a super adorable My Little Pony mirror. The birthday girl was beyond thrilled when she opened up this cosmetic set and immediately began putting all her pony treasures into the darling cosmetic bag it came with.

Next up was the Cutie Mark station! 
These tiny gems for the cutie marks came in the MY LITTLE PONY MEGA COSMETIC SET and are used to decorate little fingernails. But they can also be used to decorate little faces! I used a tiny dab of honey as an adhesive for the gems to stick and the girls were ecstatic to design their very own cutie marks!

Download the Cutie Marks printable HERE.

The little guests were sent on their way with MY LITTLE PONY HAND SANITIZERS WITH HOLDER,  MY LITTLE PONY BEDAZZALED LIP GLOSS IPHONE and MY LITTLE PONY LIP BALM PARTY PACK. Talk about a pretty sweet favor bag! 

Decorate the treat bags with My Little Pony cutie marks. I just did a quick "My Little Pony cutie mark" Google search, downloaded the cutie marks, printed them out and adhered them to the treat bags. So quick and easy! 

I paired each cutie mark treat bag with the coordinating pony lip balm and hand sanitizer. And of course, each party guests received a bedazzled lip gloss Iphone! 

The little girls loved stepping into the magical realm of  Ponyville and had the time of their lives being pampered. The spa party was a HUGE success and was such a blast to put  together. The girls had a wonderful time receiving the royal treatment at our Ponyville day spa. 

Thanks so much to TownleyGirl and Oriental Trading for all the My Little Pony cuteness! 

Be sure to visit TownleyGirl and Oriental Trading  for all your My Little Pony party needs and follow TownleyGirl on Instagram at @TownleyGirl

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